Necklace Spring crocuses

180 $

Frame - handmade, made of silver, inlaid with amethysts and decorative silver leaves.
Pendant length -9 sm.
Leather cord length - 16 sm.
The author of the frame is Natalia Ivanova.

Miniature - pyrite in the rock, 3.5x4.5 sm. Oil paints, varnish, multi-layer jewelry painting of the stone with glazing, using the technique of old masters.

You can also buy any Miniature you like in the MINIATURES section and frame it in a similar frame. Or order a Miniature according to your subject for setting both on any stone presented in the STONES FOR MINIATURES section, or on your own stone. To do this, go to the ORDERS section or state all your wishes and questions by email
Delivery is not included in the price.

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Material: Leather

Material: Silver

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